Metabolism of Deuterated NNN in Smokeless Tobacco Users

How often are clinic visits?

There will be four visits over the course of 1-2 weeks.

What will I be doing in the study?

If you are interested and eligible you will attend an orientation visit where you will complete several forms about your tobacco history, health, and use of certain medications. If you are still eligible after this visit, you will be invited to our clinic for the first study visit. At the first visit, you will be provided with smokeless tobacco study product. You will be asked to use the study product just like you would use your usual brand of smokeless tobacco for a week.  You will be provided with a container to collect all your urine for 24 hours prior to your first lab session.

The study product you will be asked to use was purchased in a regular tobacco shop and then modified. This smokeless tobacco normally has a low concentration of the cancer-causing agent that is found only in tobacco. We have changed the tobacco in this product by adding back this compound to equal the level in your regular smokeless tobacco. We have modified the compound so we can follow the path your system takes to break it down.  The study product has no additional risk compared to your usual brand. We ask that you use only the smokeless tobacco that we give you and no other tobacco products, including your usual brand of smokeless tobacco.

You will return to the clinic for your first lab session about 1 week later.  At this lab session, we will ask you to use the study product in the clinic and provide three saliva samples. We will collect your first 24 hour urine sample, mouth swab and a blood sample to be examined for tobacco exposure.  When you leave the clinic, you will continue using only the study product and return to the clinic two more times to complete two additional and identical laboratory sessions, collecting your 24 urine before each visit.

Will I be compensated?

Participants will be paid ~$400.00 total.

What should I do if I'm interested?

For more information, call or email the University of Minnesota’s Tobacco Research Programs:

(612) 624-5286

We Are Looking For...

Healthy men and women who are regular smokeless tobacco users.


If you're interested in participating and would like to hear more, let us know!

(612) 624-5286


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